The past few days have been perilous around every city of Azeroth.  Zombie hordes have taken over most populated areas and there are few, if any, safe havens left.  Each passing hour the situation gets worse.  Necropolises are now hovering on the outskirts of every major city and the Argent Dawn forces have been over run and the healers have left the cities.  It is time that we take maters into our own hands.  I have compiled a short survival guide in hopes to save as many as possible so when/if this ever ends we will be able to start rebuilding.

First things first, you must get out of the cities as soon as possible.  If you happen to arrive in an Outland city, take to the air on your mount immediately, the safest spot is in the air.  If you are stuck on foot, try to navigate the perimeters of the city, avoid traveling on any of the main roads.

If you have made it safely out of the city, start looking for others.  Safety is found in numbers and the more survivors you can find, the better.  It is recommended that you seek out Priests, Paladins or Shaman as they will have the ability to heal you if you are infected.

Now, your group will require some sort of fortifie….





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