Friday night is normally a rather quiet night WoW wise for me.  Normally the night will consist of running some dailies and trying to level another alt past 10, but last Friday was anything but normal.

In guild chat one of my friends asked if anyone wanted to join a Gruul’s PuG raid.  Honestly, I thought it was a bad idea, but heck, it is post patch 3.0.2 how bad could it be.  After about a half hour of waiting, the raid was on its way.  The first two trash mobs went down rather fast, with only one death (sorry about that Emalee, but you should have watched your agro).  After that, we faced the high kings and his pals.  Now, I have run Gruul’s a few times and this fight always seemed to be a pain.  I was ready for a couple of wipes and a 10 minute fight…after 5 minutes we were done.  I was impressed with how everyone did what they were told to do and how well they did it.

After loot was distributed, we went for the big guy himself.  Now I have a grudge against this guy.  I have only been part of a Gruul kill once, all other attempts have been near misses or complete and udder failures.  The tank did a great job at holding agro and most everyone avoided shatter as well as they could.  After four growths he was down.  Again, the raid was working together very well and I was impressed.  We were doing as well as any 25 man run I have been a part of.  After everyone got their loot, the raid leader asked about taking this group to Magtheradon.  Now I have never done Mags, but was no more than willing to try it out.

Everyone headed to Hellfire Peninsula and prepared for the run.  In we went…to a place I have only seen from the Blood Furnace.  We cleared the trash and walked into the room.  I was shocked at the immenseness of this guy.  Part of me thought, let’s just keep the summoners alone and keep this guy locked up, but the inner loot whore told me to shut up.

The raid leader explained the fight to everyone who had not done this before…which seemed to be half the raid.  He explained the cave ins and the box clicking and the cleaves.  Attempt one, not so good, a box was not clicked and the raid wiped.  Attempt two, a box clicker DC’ed and another wiped followed. Run there, again, people click the boxes!  Run four, we got ‘em.  Honestly, the fight isn’t that bad.  As long as you have people on the boxes and a good tank it is pretty easy.

I have to give a big shout out to everyone in that raid.  If I didn’t know any better, I would never have guessed it was PuG’ed, which is the highest complement you can give to a PuG raid.