Last night was our first trip back to ZA since the patch went live.  The guild was still pretty stoked about the pwn’ing of Kara and we were excited to see how much easier ZA would be.  Well, after 3 hours we found that ZA was indeed easier, but no cakewalk.  I would say ZA is now what Kara was pre-patch.  Very doable, but if you are not careful things can still go south pretty quickly.

Prior to 3.0.2 we were only really able to get the Eagle and Bear down consistently with random success on the Lynx.  After the patch though, the night was filled with a bunch of guild firsts.

  • One shot on the Dragon Hawk
  • Killed the Hex Lord – I HATE SHADOW BOLTS!
  • One shot on Zul’Jin

The night was filled with fun, firsts and phat lewts.  I myself am now the proud owner of the Hex Lord’s Voodoo Paldrons.  I look like a cross between a witch doctor and a meat drying rack.

A huge gratz to Udaan our guild/raid leader who finally got some loot after passing on most everything to gear up the raid group.  He got himself a new set of shoulders and the Tiny Voodoo Mask.  Those gnomes couldn’t have gone to a better man.

Within the next week or so I will be finishing my ZA raid guides.  The next three will be rather brief since the usefulness of those guides will be shortened by the looming expansion.