During the summer I started a shaman in an attempt to keep interest in WoW until the expansion came out.  Who would have thought the night I rolled Jager I would be sitting here as a raiding shaman giving out advice on how to heal. 

When I started Hoof n’ Healz it was more a second thought than anything.  Then I started raiding and ran into Anna from Too Many Annas.  She got me motivated to blog about raiding and how to better all those shaman out there in the same boat that I was. 

Well, HnH has been in business for about 4 months and today I hit a milestone that I never even imagined I could obtain.  See below

I want to thank everyone who has taken time to come to my little corner of the interweb.  I hope I have helped you in making yourself a better healer and a better raider. I am honored and humbled by you all, without you HnH is nothing but wasted bandwith.

As the future of WoW unfolds, the focus of HnH will shift from raiding to leveling and 5-man content.  Once Jager and the PiM raid crew hit 80 HnH will again take on raiding in the realm of Northrend.  Until that time though, enjoy your time here and thanks for stopping by.