When I think of spell rotation, I normally think about a mage or a hunter stacking spells for max dps, but recently, my view has changed. I have found that there are spell rotations to be found in the realm of healing, especially in the world of the Resto Shaman.

Since the patch our spells and abilities seem to flow together much better than ever giving the Resto Shaman the ability to stack spells and talents to achieve a much more efficient means of healing than we have had before.  This can be found in the current heal rotation that I have been using.

Spell Rotation:

Cast 1: Riptide – Target: Main Tank

While note the best HoT in game, it does fill a hole that the Resto Shamans have had for quiet some time (HoT and Insta-Cast Heal).  I like to cast this on the main tank just a few seconds after he engages the target and gains enough agro.  The small heal tops the tank off and the HoT stacked with Earth Shield can keep him topped off for some time if needed

Cast 2: Chain Heal – Target: Main Tank

After Riptide, I will cast chain heal off of the main tank within the 15 seconds of the HoT effect.  This will allow me to cast a chain heal increased by 25% (from the Riptide bonus) which heals a large chunck of the tank and those around him.

Cast 3: Healing Wave or Lesser Healing Wave –Target: As needed

Assuming you have taking Tidal Waves, after you cast the chain heal you will have the ability to cast either a LWH or HW spell 30% along with a bonus of healing affect of 20%(HW) or 10%(LHW).  I personally love tidal waves.  Anything that will allow me to cast my heals faster is a god send since my only complaint I have had as a Resto Shaman has been the time it takes me to cast my bigger heals. 

So there you have it, a Resto Shaman Spell rotation.  Keep in mind that you don’t need to cast all three spells. You can use two of the three as long as you match Riptide to Chain Heal or Chain Heal to HW or LHW.

AoE Raid Damage: Riptide > Chain Heal: Cast Riptide on the person taking the most damage and then cast Chain Heal to boost your Ch by the 25%.  Pick another target and repeat.  You will find that the raid HP gets filled much faster now.  This has made healing raid damage such as Netherspite of the Dragon Hawk much easier to manage.

Single Target Damage: Chain Heal > HW: Use Chain Heal as normal and then cast HW on the tank when needed.  The 30% reduction is cast time makes reaction time to damage much better and has made my tanks less nervous.

Note: These findings are based on common sense and practical use in the raid situation.  I have not run any numbers and I haven’t done any extension theory crafting but I have found that these rotations have made my life and the life of my raid group much easier.