After the patch many things have changed, and in response to these changes I thought it best to put an overall update to running Karazhan as a Resto Shaman rather than updating each individual raid guide since in a month, Karazhan will probably be abandoned and so will my guides.

Consumables: The need for weapon oil is no longer needed now that we have the Earth Living spell.  Keep an eye on it and refresh when needed, since it only last 30 minutes.

Mana pots, well have a couple on hand.  I used on in our last Kara raid, but chain chugging is now a thing of the past.

Totems: This is one of the bigger changes since totems are raid wide.  You will now have to dictate which totem to drop on the raid make up.  If your raid make up is melee heavy drop windfury, if it is caster heavy drop wrath of air.  Still drop mana stream though for all the casters and healers.

Shields: Keep water shield up at all times.  Assuming you have taken improved water shield you will be consuming more orbs than you are used to.

Cast Rotations: I have found that my casting is still chain heal based, but with a flare of rip tide.  For boss fights I cast riptide on the main tank and let the HoT keep him up, but if needed I cast chain heal to get the 25% increase and have found that makes chain heal even better as a mana efficient single target heal.

Blood lust:  Well there is not a timer that keeps from chaining multiple blood lusts.  If you are the only Shaman blood lust as normal and if there are multiple shamans, blood lust in the very beginning and then toward the end of the fight blood lust again, if possible.

Hopefully this will help you out for the next couple of weeks while Karazhan is still relevant.  Once the expansion hits I would be very surprised to see anyone around Deadwind pass until people hit level 80 and try to five man Kara.