Last night was our first night back into Kara after 3.0.2 went live.  There was some concern over how we would fair since we all had class changes we weren’t very familiar with.  We did know that the mobs had been nerfed and our tanks could dps more so we had that going for us.  Well, our concerns were unfounded. Karazhan is no longer the Kara we knew.  What used to be the initial test of your raid group that required focus and had 10 minute fights is now more like your local church’s Sunday cake walk.  We finished Kara in about 3 hours which included some afk time as well as a server crash.

What surprised me most was the speed that the bosses were down.  Keep in mind that the times are approximate and that we are a well geared tier 4 guild…no tier 6 uberness for our raids.

Attunmen – missed it but sounded fast.

Moroes – 2 min 30 sec

Maiden – 1 min 30 sec

Romulo and Julianne – 3 minutes

Nightbane – 5 minutes, each ground phased ended before he could fear.

Curator – 3 minutes, killed after one evocation.

Illhoof – 3 minutes, only 2 Imp spawns.

Aran – 4 minutes, elementals were still a pain and nuked most of the healers.

Netherspite – 5 minutes, only lasted one phase shift.

Chess – King moved up right away and was killed in 3 minutes.

Prince – 4 minutes, only 4 infernals.

This run was almost silly.  The tanks barely took damage and I was healing for more than I ever had.  Best of all, I never ran out of mana thanks to a decent mp5, mana spring and my new best friend, improved water shield.

 The next test will be ZA.  Hopefully we will see the same effect on ZA as we did Kara.  Hopefully all your runs will go just as well as ours did.