Well, I got in for a long enough time to re-spec into full resto and train up all my new spells.  Currently my spell damage is around 1024 and healing I think was around 1150 or maybe 1200 with the healing talents and earthliving on my mace.

While messing around I ran into the down ranking change.  7 cast of healing wave 1 brought me down more than half mana…ouch that hurts.  I did get a un-buffed crit of 7.5k on a rank 12 healing wave so things don’t seem to have changed that much.

Now, the next item on the list is to update all the add ons and re-map clique to remove all the down ranking and add the new spells.

I will have to admit, even though I haven’t gotten to do anything at all yet, I am still super excited.  Hope you all have had better luck than I.