Oh what has DPS done to me?  I used to be laid back and calm, even in the most tenuous of healing situations.  I was a good person, at one with all that was around me…mostly. 

Now that I have started down the dark path of DPS, I found that I have changed.  I am edgy and angry.  I stew over low ranking on the DPS charts and I thirst for more and more DPS.  It sh*t ain’t blowing up I am not happy until sh*t has been blown up.  I even caught myself thinking “90% threat, bah, I have 10% more to work with and I am sure it will be dead soon anyways.”  What has become of poor Jager?

This inner DPS beast has also feed another inner demon that I thought I had quelled…the inner loot whore. 

Since I turned, I have been pouring over my gear thinking about what I could obtain to further my journey into the DPS depths and one item shown like a beacon in the dark, the Mindblade off of Prince.  With this, I could truly pwn all before me…it became…my Precious.

Yesterday my precious and I became one…and honestly it has bothered me ever since.  You see it was our second Prince attempt (insert anger about bad infernal drops). Things were progressing well and I was nuking him with every last drop of DPS I could muster.  After five minutes it was over and Prince lay at our feet. 

Upon looting my badges I saw it, Precious lay in the clutches of this vile demon.  The raid leader announced the loot and found that two others also wanted Precious.  It was decided there would be a roll of between the three of us; our new Lock wielding a blue weapon, our cutie Mage who had just gotten back to WoW after a forced hardware hiatus and myself.  I rolled a 98.  OMG it was mine.  This is where things started to feel bad.

First, Prince found it fit to drop the tier 4 helm that no one wanted so it went to me, which was to replace the Storm helm I just spent 50 badges on getting 3 days before.  So I basically wasted badges that I was saving up for the healing pants.  Argh…Karma anyone?

Then the guilt started. 

“Wait a minute, what did I do?” 

“I’m a healer just pretending to be DPS and the other two are DPS and they needed that dagger more than I did.” 

“Oh no! I’m a loot whore”

So I write this as an open apology to the mage, the lock, the raid, the guild and all of the WoW community.  What I did was based solely on gear lust.  Even the best of us have moments of weakness and I humbly ask for forgiveness.  I will do all in my power to make it up to you all.