Here are some of the highlights of our latest Kara run with Jager pulling DPS duty.

1) Lighting Bolt Crit of 3900.

2) Used a rotation of LB, LB, CL repeat.

3) Didn’t accidently pull the entire ballroom before Moroes this time.

4) Scored middle of the pack on the DPS charts, which was expected.

5) Took Maiden down in 1min 40 seconds.

6) Had to heal the last 25% of Nightbane. 

This run was much better than the last one since I had a better idea what I was doing.  I spent a lot of time mixing and matching the elemetnal/resto gear for a decent balance of damage and crit.  By the end my damage was jsut about 800 and my crit was 19%, still not great but not too bad.  I still rather not mention my hit rating though.

Now it is decision time.  Come the patch, do I stay elemental and mess around till WotLK, or do I go resto to weigh in on the healing changes?  What do you think?