Enchanting and gemming gear can expensive and time consuming. Be it badges/gold for the gems or faction runs to get that particular enchant.  I have been running into this issue with building out my elemental set and have run across a couple of things that you can look at doing to save time, money and your sanity…but remember, you will need to wait for Oct 14th new patch to reap the rewards. 

Head: As a healer you probably have already done the grinding of Thrallmar rep to get the plus healing head enchant.  If you are like me and are planning on leveling elemental, the idea of grinding Sha’tar rep for the plus damage enchant for a new helm seemed daunting.  Well, it doesn’t have to be.  When spell power takes over, the two enchants grant the same spell power, so you can grab the Thrallmar head enchant, put it on your elemental helm and be all set for WotLK.

Legs: Golden Spellthread is “THE” healing leg enchantment, but if you are like me, you never got the resources together for either buying it or getting the x10 primal life needed to have it made, so you are rolling with the Silver Spellthread.  If you look at the Runic Spellthread though, you need x10 primal mana.  Farming these motes is much easier.  The motes not only drop in Kara, but they will drop from the sentinels during your SSO daily.  This makes this enchant much more affordable and come the patch, the enchantments grant the same amount of spell power.

Gems: As a healer you are more that familiar with the spinals.  These gems are the foundation of all your plus healing gems; but come the patch these gems will grant the same spell power as the plus damage gem.  What does this do for us healers turned dps’ers?  It allows us to fill in any gaps in our DPS set with our healing gear and we won’t have to suffer and huge drop offs.

October is going to be a very interesting time for everyone.  The synergies of our gear will change dramatically as well as what stats we will focus on will change.  I for one will be swapping out pieces of my healing gear for my elemental gear to find a new balance of spell power, mp5 and spell crit.  I just hope that like me, you have gotten a nice collection of off set gear from your raids to play with.