Last night was planned to be a ZA run, but it just wasn’t meant to be.  With the people we had, we were either going to be one healer or one tank short (sorry Pud, you are a kick ass tank, but the gear man…the gear), so we headed back to our old girlfriend, Kara to get some badges and gear up Pud.

Now, this left us with an over abundance of healers since our paly/priest needed badges on the priest, so I did what any good hearted shaman would do, I volunteered to respect elemental.

I ran to Thunder Bluff, hit the bank and geared up.  Now as my time as a resto shaman I have collected a nice set of elemental gear, but even in my new gear, there was no way I would even sniff the top of the DPS charts.  My spell damage was sitting at 700, my crit was 15% and my spell hit….sigh…23.

We got started and I started seeing numbers like 2.5k and 3k flash by as lighting shot from my fingers.  Talk about a power rush.  It was as if I had channeled Shatner in my lighting filled fury.  In the end we only got to curator before we all crashed, but here are some tips for other restos out there that want to splash in the dps pool.

1)    Tab targeting + Chain Lighting = BAD!  Leave the AoE pulls to the experts (Mages and Warlocks).  Chain lighting is bad and when you happen to tab to a target that is across the run and cast.  Next thing you know, you are the wipe donkey for the night.  Just drop the magma totem and spot heal.

2)   Omen, learn to look at it! Even though my stats were not that great a string of t3k hits would get me into trouble and usually dead.  There maybe pity for someone who is new to the raid, but when you are a healer playing dps…there is no pity to be had.  Actually it was as if the raid reveled in my deaths =)

3)   Spot heal! Just because you are now pew pew doesn’t mean that you no longer have the ability to heal.  During AoE pulls and the pulls prior to curator I found myself more useful healing than doing damage.

4)   The spec does not make you DPS! As a healer, I looked longingly at the DPS sitting back and nuking.  How easy their lives must be as I sit here in a puddle of my own sweat, trying to keep everyone alive.  Man they must have it so easy.  Well, now that I have walked a mile in their slippers I have more respect for them than ever.  To channel such power as to not pull agro and still top the DPS charts takes skill and timing just like our healing.

5)   Big numbers are big numbers! There is nothing like seeing big numbers pop up and the feeling is the same, be it a 3k nuke or a 9k heal.

The night was fun, and I might stay elemental for a little while longer just for giggles, but don’t worry, Hoof n’ Healz is no in danger of becoming Hoof n’ Pewpewz and time soon.