After our Kara clear on Tuesday night we weren’t sure what to do with ourselves on Wednesday.  We didn’t have enough for ZA and leveling the alts didn’t really seem like fun, so a handful of us headed down to Blackrock Depths to have us some drinks and a couple of rounds against Coren Direbrew.

After knocking Direbrew on his ass a couple of times he was kind enough to hand over the Direbrew Hops.  This nice little trinket happens to share the same stats as my Essence of the Martyr. Now, since my first and last heroic run on Magister’s Terrace I have been sporting the Vial of the Sunwell with its mad 15mp5. The vial has treated me well, but I think for non-boss fights it may stay in the bag.  The hops have pushed my plus healing to just about 2100 and when both the hops and martyr are activated my earth shield is getting cast with a plus healing of 2765.  Granted, with bagging the Vial my MP5 has dropped down a little more than I would like, but I guess I will just have to find me a shadow priest to remedy that.

Now all I need is a mount and my own barmaid and I can call this Brewfest a success.