First off, time to dispell any rumors that might be out there about me…

1) I have not left WoW for WAR. My crap computer is to thank for that.

2) I have not deleted Jagerbombz in a fit of drunken anger.

3) I have not gone back to play the alliance rogue to gank all my horde friends.

4) I have not taken up with band of carnies to run the tilt-o-whirl for a traveling fair.

As summer ends, work is ramping up.  It seems that Sept through Nov is the time for applications to be deployed and for new projects to be starting up and unfortunately for both WoW and the Blog I am involved in three such projects.  This has severly impacted my blogging time as well as my play time.  When I should be blogging I am writing options analysis documents and when I should be raiding I am passed out on the futon from exhaustion.  Hopefully soon things will get better and I will have more time to do the things that I enjoy. 

On a happy note, it looks as if the most of my work will be completed before 11/13 so I will be able to enjoy all things that are Wrath related.  Till then, I will try to updated the blog as much as I can as well as update the rest of the Kara raid guides.  As for WoW…I will jump on when I can; I really miss you guys.