Like most, I am excited that we are getting patch 3.0 in the coming weeks, but with it brings questions and uncertainty.  With the introduction of the new talents trees, the changes to spell power are almost guaranteed to be included as well as the down ranking penalties.  How these will affect the current game play in the realm of BC is yet to be seen, but preparation for these changes is needed.

I am a creature of habit.  I had set up my healing rotation after my first couple of weeks of raiding and haven’t made any significant changes since.  I use clique and a multi-button mouse with the following set up.

Shift-Left Click: Healing Wave Rank 8

Shift-Right Click: Healing Wave Rank 12

Shift-Side Button One: Chain Heal Rank 2

Shift-Side Button Two: Chain Heal Rank 4

Shift-Scroll Wheel: Earth Shield Rank 3

The majority of my healing is done with Rank 8 Healing Wave and Rank 2 Chain Heal leaving the big heals for boss fights or large amounts of raid wide damage.  Come patch 3.0 (assuming down ranking penalties are included) the healing set up probably will be as follows.

Shift-Left Click: Chain Heal Rank 4

Shift-Right Click: Healing Wave Rank 12

Shift-Side Button One: Lesser Healing Wave Rank 7

Shift-Side Button Two: Undecided, possibly Natures Swiftness

Shift-Scroll Wheel: Earth Shield Rank 3

I foresee now that Chain Heal Rank 4 will be my primary heal with Healing Wave Rank 12 as the “big” heal for the boss fights.  I’m still not sold on LHW though, even with Tidal Wave, but as Shaman healing moves more to being more crit dependant, LHW might find a home in my arsenal again.