Wow, just when I think I am getting some free time to focus on WoW and the blog real life seems to intervene; be it attempting to learn the plumbing profession or having run dailies to grind wife faction.

The weekend was very busy, but did include another trip to the Ren Faire where I obtained a new pair of pants for the ensemble and a little vest and pants for my 15 month old.  You would not believe the amount of attention you get with a toddler in costume at the Faire.  Hello ladies!

I also picked up a new hobby…making chain mail.  Being a shaman dressed in full mail, I now have a new respect for those digital gnomes out there having to weave together all this armor for us.  Wow, making chain mail is fun, but takes forever…and some blood.

As for the guild, things are starting to pick up.  Recruiting is going well and we added a couple of new people to the raid group.  They have done very well and we are glad to have them.  Hopefully by next week we will have a 2nd Kara group running.

Hopefully this week I can get at least one or two raid guides updated and a couple of new PvP tips posted.