Just cruising around the interwebs I found this little gem on CNET.  It seems that a good chunk of WotLK content will be coming to us early “in coming weeks”. I am sure this is not a coincidence since Warhammer Online also will be coming to your PC in coming weeks.  It seems that this might be a short term solution to keep some WoW players from jumping over to WAR.  Here is what they are looking to add…

  • New Talents for existing classes
  • Barber shops in the main cities
  • Two new PvP arenas
  • Guild Calendar
  • Hunter Pet Skill Revamp
  • Inscriptions

Blizzard says these are some of the highlights so I am sure there will be a lot more included.

I for one am excited for the new talents and the inscriptions.  I think having some time to work with the new talents before WotLK will be very nice and from what I have seen of the Shaman inscriptions; I can’t wait.  Plus Sereníty got thrown a bone too with the pet talents.  Look’s like her friend Kaylee will be getting a makeover in the next couple of weeks.