Sorry for the lack of posting in the last week or so.  Seems that a 4’ x 12’ section of carpet in my basement got rather damp during some event that has yet to be identified, so I have spent all of my free time with towels, fans and a shop-vac trying to dry things out.  Hopefully this week will allow for more updates.

On a lighter note, PIM ran ZA again last night and had much more success than the last run.  The Eagle and Bear went down rather easily, but the panther didn’t want to go down in time before we had to call the raid. 

Something for all you ZA raiders to note, make sure everyone who has Deadly Boss Mods has the most recent version.  Mis-matched versions have been known to cause the timing issues we saw two weeks ago on Alk’zon and his electrical storms.  For those who do not want mods, a good tip is to turn the ambient sound level up all the way.  This allows you to hear the electrical storm before it is cast allowing you to collapse in at the right time.

Sereníty also informed me that she is doing well and hit the 20th season late on Saturday evening, hope she keeps it up.  I feel she will be a huge asset to us here at Hn’H.

On a real life note, the family and I hit the Bristol Renaissance Faire again this weekend.  My wife and daughter went dressed up and me and the little man rolled incognito in our street clothes (seems that I have misplaced my pants).  We had a ton of fun and ended up with some phat lewtz.  The wife got herself an emerald ring for our anniversary and I got myself a courtly new vest…well as courtly as a man such as I can be.  Hopefully next year I can go and get me a new pair of pants as well.

This week look for more updates to the Karazhan guides and some more general raiding guides.