Bal’a dash, malanore. 

Hello everyone, I would like to take this moment to introduce myself, I am Sereníty and this is my companion, Kaylee, we are the newest members of the Hoof n’ Healz staff.  We have been hired to give Mr. Bombz an understanding of a ranged DPS class as well as insight into the finer art of crowd control, but personally, I think the big guy has a crush on me. 

When I first met Mr. Bombz, I was sitting under a tree discussing the rumors of a dwarven hunter with a red kitten with Kaylee when a large Tauren approached me.  He told me that he was looking to hire a hunter to join his research staff…like I haven’t heard that line before, but as he continued on, his proposition interested me.  How could a girl pass up the chance to go out and see all of Azeroth on the company tab?  After some negotiation, I agreed.  Mr. Bombz provided me some gold and sent me on my way on my first assignment, to reach the twentieth season and report back on the initial intricacies of ranged DPS and the agro control required when working with a pet.

Hopefully in the next week or so I will have completed my first task and I will be able to share some of my adventures with you all.  Till then, take care and safe travels.