This is not a bug.

In the latest WotLK beta push, we made a large change to the mana cost of spells.

All player spells now cost a percentage of base mana rather than a fixed cost. Base mana is a special value determined by the player’s level and class, regardless of any effects or items that increase intellect. It is the size of a player’s mana pool if the player has zero intellect.

This change was made primarily to prevent downranking, as it’s a technique that was never quite intended. Rather than continue to find ways to penalize players for casting low-rank spells, we decided to essentially make doing so obsolete. If rank 5 and rank 6 of a spell cost the same amount of mana, but rank 6 does more damage/healing, then there is no reason to consider casting rank 5.

So, each spell line (eg. Frostbolt, Shadowbolt, Greater Heal, Rejuvenation, etc.) has a fixed percentage of base mana that it costs for most of its ranks. That means each time a player gains a level the cost will go up some. The percentages were picked to attempt to keep the costs relatively similar to what they are currently in World of Warcraft. For most spells, that percentage will drop some when the player receives their highest-rank spell in existing Burning Crusade content. This was done to better fit the existing cost curve, and to keep the mana cost for level 70 players as close as possible to existing costs. Level 70 characters will see most of their maximum rank spells change in cost slightly up or down, but not by significant amounts.

We anticipate there being some balance concerns due to this change, and our development staff will be ready to implement new spells, abilities, or talents to resolve those issues as the testing process continues.


Why I dont like this:

  1. No more spaming Rank 1 HW to proc Ancestral Healing before a boss fight.
  2. No more spamming Rank 1 HW to fill up the Vial of the Sunwell to it’s full 20 charges.
  3. No more Rank 2 Chail Heal to quickly top of the raid group.
  4. No more Rank 4 Chain Heal or Rank 8 Healing Wave to sufficently heal a target with a managable and efficent mana cost.

Why I like this:

  1. I will let you know when I think of one.

Now, I am not in the beta and I am not familiar with the new spell mechanics, but coming from an SUV of mana efficeny that does all he can to avoid being OOM on the last 5% of a encounter I am a bit worried.  This, on top of the in again out again potion sickness keeping one from chain chugging mana pots is making me wonder where my mana is going to come from.  Matticus has some thoughts, but he is much more positive than I am.