Not ever having run a raid myself, I am not fimaliar with the stresses of the job and the difficulties one might endure.  I know for a fact it is not easy taking a group of 9 or 24 other people and trying to get them to focus on the task at hand and perform to the best of their ability as a single cohesive unit, but I think I might have stumbled onto a tool to make your life easier…

Raid Leader Bot

Just open the panel and plug this into vent and you have yourself the #1 motivational tool for your raiders.  If your healers are not getting the idea of LoS jsut click “Heals & Doors”.  If the raid accidently wipes, just click “Terrible” or my personal favorite if the raid is not reacting fast enough, just click “Ninja Turtle”.

So take it from me, Raid Leader Bot is the guranteed way to get everyone in your raid on the same page…the page of hating your guts.

eidt:link courtesy of Duglard, from the Pen is Mightier message boards.