‘Woe to each and every one of you my pretties!’– Crone


This is part 4.2 of my Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. This time we focus on one of the more unique encounters in karazhan, the Opera .  The Opera event is a random encounter that can be one of three options, The Big Bad Wolf, The Wizard of Oz or Romeo and Juliet.  Each fight is unique and will test your raid’s ability to handle a particular raiding skill (Tank n’ Spank, Crowd Control, Raid Coordination).  Lest focus on the second of the three, the crowd control focused Wizard of Oz.  

Boss: Dorthee, Roar, Strawman Tinhead, Tito

Earth Shield:

  • Earth shield the main tank who will be taking Tinhead.


  • Drop Tremor Totem to break Dorothee’s Fear.
  • Searing Totem works well on Strawman.
  • Fire Elemental works well on Strawman
  • Frost Resist Totem helps reduce the amount of damage from Dorothee’s Water Bolt.


  • Healing on this can be tricky, especially when Dorothee is up and hitting everyone.  Try to keep everyone topped off with chain heals.
  • Focus heals on the main tank who will be taking on Tinhead, once Dorthee is down he will be the person taking the most damage.

Blood Lust:

  • Not yet.


  • Earth Shcok does not interupt Dorthee’s Water Bolt.

Now that the Dorthee and her Friends are gone, it is time to face the evil Crone.

Boss: Crone

Earth Shield:

  • Earth shield the main tank who will be picking up the Crone’s on spawn.


  • Mana tide is usally good at this time to replenish the casters mana from the previould encounter.


  • Keep heals up on the main tank and make sure to heal those who have taken fall damage from the cyclone.  Healing is going to be tricky since you will be moving around the stage and we all know when it comes to shaman healing we are about as mobile as our totems.

Blood Lust:

  • Blood Lust at 20%

Resto Shaman Loot – Crone:

  • Nothing you should loot, just loot your 2 badges and be happy.

Resto Shaman Loot – Shared Opera:

·         Ribbon of Sacrifice

·         Earthsoul Leggings