“All the better to own you with!” – Big Bad Wolf


This is part 4.1 of my Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. This time we focus on one of the more unique encounters in Karazhan, the Opera .  The Opera event is a random encounter that can be one of three options, The Big Bad Wolf, The Wizard of Oz or Romeo and Juliet.  Each fight is unique and will test your raid’s ability to handle a particular raiding skill (Tank n’ Spank, Crowd Control, Raid Coordination).  Lest focus on the first of the three and usually the easiest of the three, The Tank n’ Spank known as The Big Bad Wolf.  

Boss: Big Bad Wolf

Earth Shield:

  • For the start of the fight, Earth Shield the Main tank who will be starting the encounter by talking to the little old lady.
  • Earth Shield who ever ends up being turned into the little red riding hood.


  • Drop Tremor Totem to break the Bad Wolf’s Fear.
  • Earth bind DOES NOT affect the big bad wolf at all.


  • Heal as normal, focusing on the main tank for most of the fight.
  • Once someone has turned into little red riding hood cast LHW to keep that person alive as they run from the big bad wolf.

Blood Lust:

  • Blood Lust at 20% as normal.


  • I have found that standing around the perimitter as a healer is a good idea.  This give you a good view of the battle as well as gives you a head start to running the perimitier of the stage if you get turned into little red ridding hood.

Resto Shaman Loot – Big Bad Wolf:

·         Big Bad Wolf’s Head

·         Red Riding Hood’s Cloak

Resto Shaman Loot – Shared Opera:

·         Ribbon of Sacrifice

·         Earthsoul Leggings