“Get on your knees and bow to da fang and claw!” – Halazzi

This is the third of my Resto-Shaman Guides to Zul’Aman.  These guides are geared specifically for Shamans but may be beneficial for any healer that is asked to heal this raid.

Zul’Aman is a tier 4.5 raid.  Normally, ZA would be run by guilds that have been raiding tier 5 content, but it can be started with a good raid in full Karazhan/Badge loot.

After the death of Akil’zon, your next target will be the Lord of the Lynxes, Halazzi.

The fight consists of 3 phases. At 75%, 50% and 25% Halazzi splits into his Troll Spirit and a Spirit of the Lynx. Take either spirit to 20% to reunite them into the single NPC.

Before we go into the details of the encounter, lets take a look at what are heals are up against.

Phase 1 – Single NPC, no totems

  • Frenzy — Increases Attack Speed. Can be Tranquilized.
  • Saber Lash — Deals 47500 to 52500 damage split between all affected targets, mitigated by armor

Phase 2 – Two Spirits, totems (75%, 50%, and 25% health)

  • Transfigure – ~4K damage on the entire raid group when transitioning from Phase 1 to Phase 2
  • Corrupted Lightning Totem — 5000 Nature damage, chains to nearby targets. Is cast frequently
  • Flame Shock — 5000 Fire base with a 4K tick. Dispellable.
  • Earth Shock — 4000 to 5000 Nature damage, interrupts any school being cast for 3 seconds

Phase 3 – Single NPC, totems (<25% health)

  • Enrage — Increased melee damage.
  • Totems, as in Phase 2

This is a very healing heavy encnounter.  Bring your pots, mana spring/mana tide totems and bring yourself a shadow priest.



  • As normal, statndard totems for your group make up (Caster/Melee)
  • Drop Mana Tide early, usually around 60% mana, this should allow for the cooldown to expire allowing another mana tide during the fight.
  • Fire Elemental around 20% for added DPS.

Earth Shield:

  • Earth Shield one of the tanks, focusing on whoever has fewer HP or less armor, keep this up as much as possible.


Phase One:

  • If assigned to a tank, heal him as needed, if not use chain heal to augment the healing on the tanks while they are splitting the Saber Lash Damage.

Phase Two:

  • When Halazzi splits everyone will take 4k damage, Chain heal the heck out of the raid to get the topped off.  It should only take 3-4 casts of max rank chain heal.
  • Keep raid heals up.  This is your time to shine as a Resto Shaman, keep that raid alive.

Phase Three:

·         Same as phase 2 for heals, but help out on tanks when needed since his melee damage will be increases from what it was in the last two phases.

Blood Lust:

·        Blood Lust at 20%


Resto Shaman Loot: