Edited to clear up the fact I am not the a$$ hat I made myself out to be.

“Healer Guilt”

  • I feel guilty that I am a healer and that I am a protected class when it comes to raids. I always get to raid no matter what, even if I didn’t sign up for that week’s raid. if there are not enough healers to run the raid, I get to raid even though I did not sign up bumping the poor dps that singed up becasue without the extra healer there would be no raid.
  • I feel guilty when I let someone die during a boss fight because I know they are not as needed and my mana should be spent on the tank. This in no way is to deminish anyone’s role in a raid, just the fact that as healer I need to make sure the tank stays up of all that 1337 dps we have will be wiped out.
  • I feel guilty that I am so pretty.

Are you are healer and do you feel guilty about something?  Open up and lets talk about it…