“Your death gonna be quick, strangers. You shoulda never have come to this place…” – Akil’zon

This is the second of my Resto-Shaman Guides to Zul’Aman.  These guides are geared specifically for Shamans but may be beneficial for any healer that is asked to heal this raid.

Zul’Aman is a tier 4.5 raid.  Normally, ZA would be run by guilds that have been raiding tier 5 content, but it can be started with a good raid in full Karazhan/Badge loot.

After the death of Nalorakk, your next target will be the Lord of the Eagles, Akil’zon. To get to Akil’zon your raid group needs to complete a guantlet run made up of elite guards and eagles.  There are some good guides on to handle this run, but as here are the basics you will need as a healer. 

Your raid will be working in three parts.  The first will be the main tank and dps to take on the four pair of guards leading up to Akil’zon.  The second part will be the AoE group, made up of mages and locks to AoE the eagle adds.  The last part will be the back defense, usually made up of a tank and a single dps.  Depending on your raid makeup, your job will be to keep one if not two of these groups up.  Here is how you should deal with each group.

Group 1:

  • Earth Shield the tank and use chain heal to keep the tank and all the dps topped off.  Nothing to fancy, just pay attention.

Group 2:

  • Earth Shield the main AoE damage dealer and chain heal off of them to keep everyone up. Drop magma totem to aide in the AoE damage of the eagles.

Group 3:

·      Earth Shield the tank and use chain heal to keep the tank and the dps topped off.  Again, nothing to fancy, just pay attention.

If executed correctly, you will get to the top of the guantlet qucikly where you will need to kill the Amani’shi Temptest to end the waves of eagle adds.  Once everything is killed, it is drink time and time to take on Akil’zon.

Lets take a look of what we will have to heal against.

Static Disruption (Nature) – deals 3500 damage to target and those within a close range of the target. After the damage is dealt it will leave a debuff that causes nature damage taken to be increased by 25% that lasts 20 seconds, but does not cause further damage to surrounding members.

Call Lightning (Nature) – deals 3800 – 4200 damage.

Gust of Wind – throws target up in the air. Upon target falling, deals half target’s full health in damage.

Electrical Storm – channeled spell that raises a target into the air and places a cloud over them. The cloud then strikes everyone not under it approximately each second. Each strike hits harder – first strike for 800 – 1200 nature damage, second for 1600 – 2400, third for 2400 – 3600, fourth for 3200 – 4800, etc. Lasts approximately 7-8 seconds. (Occurs every 45-60 seconds)

Enrage Timer – After approximately 8 minutes he will enrage, increasing his damage dealt by 500%. He must be downed before the enrage.

There is nothing too difficult to handle here other than the elcetrical storm, if not handled correctly, the storm will wipe the raid before you know what happened.


  • Standard totems for your group make up (melee/caster).

  • Drop Mana Tide when around 50% after using your first pot.

  • Drop Fire Elemental at 20% for added DPS. (Assuming that he was not used during the guantlet for the adds.)

Earth Shield:

  • This is hard to say, you could put it on the tank, but I tend to put it on a caster or a cloth based healer to help mitigate some of the damage taken.


  • During the set up there will be three groups, the main group beating on Akil’zon in melee range and there two range groups on either side of Akil’zon.  Your job will be to keep the group in the middle alive and the 2 or three other people on your side of the raid.

  • Have people call out when they are lifted in the air so that you can cast your heal while they are still in the air.

  • Chain heal the group in the middle.

  • During the raid, you will have to collapse in during the Electrical Storm, at this point chain heal the group targeting yourself, or other healers.  There is going to be some damage during static charge and it will be your job to heal it.

Blood Lust:

  • Blood Lust at 20%

This will be a quick fight, Akil’zon has much less HPs than Nalorakk, but you have to pay attention.  The ability for your raid to work together is the most important part of this fight.  Killing him will add 10 minutes to the sacrafice timer.

Resto-Shaman Loot: