You’re a PvE’er. You spend 99% of your time raiding or running dailies.  You have filled your gear out with the finest raid drops and badge loot that can be had, but there is that one piece you must have, but it doesn’t drop off a boss. No, this new shiny requires you to step out of your comfort zone and enter the realm of BG PvP.

When you enter the BG, the hardened PvP’er can smell fresh meat and will go after you like there is no tomorrow.  They see you in your tiered armor and giggle as they beat you like you owe them money.  To avoid this…you need to blend.

“But Jager, how will I blend with all my phat gear?”

Well kids, there are a few key items that are easily noticeable that will mark you and a PvP n00b:

  • Helm
  • Shoulders
  • Shield
  • Weapon

There might not be much you can do about your shield or weapon without getting the PvP gear, but I can help out with the others.

First about your helm; helms are big and sexy, a trophy of your raiding prowess, they are also beacons of “Look at me, come get me!”.  The easiest thing you can do is hide your helm.  Go into the display properties and turn off the show helm option.  This way no one will see that big tier 6 helm sitting on your noggin unless they inspect you.

Second, your shoulders; again these are big, sexy and very noticeable.  For this I recommend going to get the entry level PvP rep shoulders from your local faction quarter master.  Yes, they might be a huge downgrade, but it won’t really matter if you are only PvP’ing for a short time anyways.

One other note, always wear a tabard.  Tabards do a good job at hiding what gear you are wearing and will help conceal other PvE gear.

Now go, grind that honor and PvP until it burns.