It looks like it is going to be a busy week, so updates might be slow in coming, but I do have some good stuff in the works.  So to tied over my three readers, here is a quick update from the weekend.


  • Miraculously obtained 20 EotS badges in one day.  I saw some fun stuff that will be rolled into a couple ‘PvP Tip o’ the Days’.
  • I’m only four thousand honor points away from getting my Merciless Gladiator’s Salvation. All hail the welfare epic!  This will be a nice upgrade from the old Shard of the Virtuous I’ve be lugging around. I will miss the MP5, but at this point I can take the small hit for such a big healing upgrade.
  • Ran AV until my eyes bled.  On the weekend you will see things you normally never see on during the week.  These will also be rolled into a couple of PvP posts.
  • Guild drama for the win! For the record “I don’t care who you know!”
  • Ran Zul’Aman with the raid crew Sunday night.  No timers beat, but my goodness, I couldn’t have asked for a better performance from the group.  We downed Nalorakk, Akil’zon and Halazzi.  Going 3/6 in ZA with only Kara and badge loot is something to be proud of.  Plus, now that Akil’zon and Halazzi are dead I am starting the Resto-Shaman guides for those two bosses.

Well that’s it…not to bad at all. Hopefully all your weekends were just as good.