Oh, the joys of the PuG battle ground.  People running for flags without having towers, people going afk in the tunnel, crazy fools that run around naked and dance and that complete a**hole who thinks if he screams orders over the BG channel people will listen.

How on Azeroth will you even have a chance?

Well there is hope, but you have to be subtle. Getting a PuG battleground raid to act as one is like hearding cats…hearding big, dumb, lazy, pooping on the carpet and eating it cats. You can rarely communicate effectively to the whole raid, but if you focus on a smaller audience you may have much better luck.  Talk with your group, see if you can get them to coordinate their efforts.  Odds are they will be willing to since they are about as frustrated with the whole thing as you are.  Even if you can get a couple of people to focus on something the coordinated efforts of a group of five or a subset of three can cause extreme havoc and have excellent results in a battle ground.

So in conclusion, focus your communication to smaller groups.  Be polite, calm and atleast sound like you know what you are doing.  Get a small group to work with you and have some fun. Oh yeah, and to that guy complaing about how bad the offense is…

“Less QQ more PewPew!”