The horn of battle sounds, the shield drop and the battle for the Eye of the Storm begins.  Jagerbombz mounted on his trusty kodo Fluffy head out towards the Fel Reaver Tower.  Once Jager arrives, he notices that the tower is had and a couple of others seem to be heading to the Mage tower.

“Three towers at one time, dare I dream?” Jager mutters to himself.

He quickly decides to aide the small group and makes his way to the Mage Tower.  He charges up the hill to find five waiting allies and no horde to aide.

“Uh Oh!”

In desperation, Jager charges to the tower and drops his totems (Wrath of Air, Earth Bind, Mana Spring and Fire Elemental).  The scene quickly turns into chaos.  The allies seem confused to how to handle this situation.  In a spam of AoE fire, chain lighting and chain heals the battle rages on for 2 minutes.  After this time the fire elemental subsides back to his realm leaving Jager alone, surrounded by nothing but bodies and an empty tower.


Now kids, what is the lesson to be learned from this tale?  Is it the fact that Jager is just so damn uber it hurts?  No, but I am flattered if you thought that. No the lesson is this; when faced with a Shaman’s elemental, don’t attack the elemental, attack the totem.  The totem has much less HP than the elemental and the totem can’t be healed.  So if our ally friends would have gone for the totem and not the elemental the battle would have been done in about 20 seconds and I would have been given a one way ticket to the graveyard.  So repeat after me kids…

“Kill the totem…not the elemental!”   


“Kill the Shaman…not the elemental!”