Now that I have started some PvP, I thought I would share some the knowledge I have gained from my observations in the battlegrounds.  Today I would like to share this little tidbit with you.


Ok, now this might sound funny that I would mention this since I am a healer, but I feel that I must help the PvP community as a whole and not just the subset of us front line medics. 

Have you found yourself pounding away on a warrior, rogue, even a mage and noticed that they are just not dying? Well guess what, they are probably getting healed and no matter what mad DPS you’re dishing out, you will not win.


During the weekend, I ran AV x10, EotS x5 and WS x5.  Only once did anyone even look in my direction.  It isn’t like that they don’t know that I am there since I am shooting “FREAKIN’ LASERS” from my hands that trace right back to me.  Come on folks, get a clue and come get me.