This is part eleven, the last of my short Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. Today we focus on Netherspite.  I do apologize for the delay of this guide, but I wanted to write this guide shortly after a Netherspite kill so that the encounter was still fresh in my head.  Well last night we took him down and today you get your guide.

The more and more I run Karazhan, the more I feel that this is actually a harder fight as a healer than even the Nightbane fight.  The need to heal the entire raid is very taxing on the mana of all the healers, especially Resto-Shamans.  You will also find that this fight will be testing your raids ability to coordinate and cooperate during a fight.  The keys to this fight are cooperation, communication and conservation.

Netherspite has a couple of abilities that you will need to be aware of as a healer.

1)       Nether Burn: An aura type spell that deals 1200 shadow damage.  This damage is raid wide and is the first of your mana sinks in this fight.

2)       Void Zones: These are nice black portals that appear randomly.  Make sure you are not in them, or if someone is in them tell them to move, or they will be down rather quickly.

3)       Netherbreath: A cone based 4.5k arcane damage attack with push back.  This will only happen during the banish phase and positioning is key, but an easy solution does exist.

Now there are two phases to the fight, “The cake is a lie” (Portal) phase and the tanking searing totem (Banish) phase.

Portal Phase: This phase consists of a Blue, Red and Green beams that need to be blocked.  I will not go into beam blocking tactics since as a healer you will normally not be doing any blocking.  Note: If during a portal phase you are low on mana you can jump into a green beam to fill your mana up, but be sure to watch your total mana, the longer you stay in the green beam the lower your mana pool becomes.


  • Earth Shield the first tank (The first tank to take the red beam, since he will have consistent agro.
  • Heal the raid as Nether Burns occur, pop a mana pot when early, this will allow for another pot to be ready come the next portal phase.
  • Heal the tank as needed, but you will probably be on raid heals for this phase.
  • Avoid the Void Zones!

Next, Netherspite will enter the banish phase.  At this time, the tanks and healers stay under Netherspite and face him to the door while everyone else heads to the windows to bandage, pot, stone to health and to avoid the Netherbreath.

Banish Phase: In this phase, Netherspite is banished, remains stationary but still vulnerable to all damage. He will not pursue players and has no agro table is still able to deal melee damage to you during this phase if you get too close to him

  • Heal the tanks, or it needed you can go and heal people at the windows if you have plenty of healers (three).

Ok, now I have a secret.  That is it, come closer, I don’t want many people to hear about this.  Ok, there is a totem that has gotten us into more trouble as we have leveled than any other.  You know the one…that searing totem.  Well now is the time that piece of lumber makes it up to us.  Now, just as the banish phase starts, run between Netherspite and the door and drop that totem and run.  Then sit back and giggle.  Netherspite will now start to Netherbreath the totem, but it seems that the totem doesn’t die.  If placed correctly, the totem will take all the breaths allowing for you to relax and regain some mana.

So that is it.  Netherspite will cycle between Portal and Banish phases for 10 minutes.  If you have not killed him by that point, he will enrage and wipe the raid.

Resto-Shaman Loot:

Well thats it. Karazhan is cleared.  Congratulations.  Hopefully you have gotten some nice phat letwz and all of your badges.  Now it is time to go run your dailies, give Gruul or ZA a shot and come back next week to do it all over again.