Daily reports have been coming out of Alterac Valley that General Drek’thar is in dire need of fresh recruits to aide his armies in quelling a recent Alliance uprising in the northern hills of the Alterac.  A number of fresh faced Horde have been joined the ranks in hopes of gaining honor and glory from the ensuing battles, but I…I sit and wait.  I do not embrace conflict as quickly and openly as many of my comrade do.  I prefer to observe and study. When all other options have failed…only then do I lust for battle.

Yesterday’s report from the valley had been grim.  The talks between the horde and alliance emissaries had broken down and the horde contingent was cut down in cold blood. Hoisted upon pikes and place above the northern towers, their bodies were to be an example to those who would oppose Vandar Stormpike and his armies.  But his message was misinterpreted as a welcoming call for all horde to mass at the gates of the Frostwolf Clan waiting to crash down upon Vandar and his forces.

Within the gates I waited, preparing myself for what would be a long hard fought battle.  I prayed to the Elders asking that they aide both my mind and my mace against the enemies of my people.  As my prayer ended, the sound of a horn echoed through the valley.  The battle had begun.

Yup, Jagerbombz finally joined the ranks of the BG PvP’er.  I really never thought that I would ever PvP as the shaman.  I had done the BGs as the rogue but was never terribly good at it and thought that I would fair even worse as the shaman. Well the lure of the season 2 healing mace forced my hand and I went off to start my quest for the “Welfare Epic”. 

The night consisted of 5 AV battles.  Some of them good and some of them were just sad, but I faired much better than I would have ever imagined.  I topped or was near the top of the healing charts for each run and only had 10 deaths total.  For some reason each group just ignored the healers and kept trying to kill all the DPS.  At some point I would have thought they would notice that no one was dying and that the healers should be taken out first. 

The last battle was the best though.  It ended up being a back and forth battle at the alliance’s base graveyard.  The ebb and flow of battle was insane, just as our lines looked as if they would break, we pushed back and drove them back.  The battle ended up being a big long turtle, but we did end up winning.  I should have taken a screenshot because I never thought I would have had numbers like this ever in a BG.  I had 900k heals, 100k damage, 198 honor kills, 5 killing blows and 480 bonus honor.  At the end of the night I logged with 3500 honor and 300 kills; much better than the 9 honor and the 5 kills that I had when I logged on.