This is part ten of my short Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. Today we focus on Nightbane. 

Like Prince, Nightbane falls into a sub category of Karazhan raid bosses…”The Big Three”. These are the guys that are the real test of you and your raid.  These are the encounters that when you wipe it is maddening, but when succed there is nothing like it.  With that in mind, this guide will be a little more in-depth than my previous guides because I feel Nightbane and his other two friends are worth the extra work.

Pre Raid

To fight Nightbane, you will first need to summon him.  To do so, you must complete Medivh’s Journal quest to obtain the Blackened Urn.

Pre Fight:

Prepare for the fight as normal raid buffs and get as much healing and MP5 buffs as possible.  I highly recommend Golden Fish Sticks, Elixir of Healing Power, Brilliant Mana Oil and Elixir of Wisdom.

Next, pop your +healing trinkets and drop your wrath of air totem and give the tank a super buffed earth shield. Now, have the tank move to his starting position and have everyone else hang back with the raid group.

Summoning Nightbane/Ground Phase:

Have the person with the Blackened Urn run out to the tank and summon Nightbane.  At this point you will see Nightbane off in the distance. Once Nightbane lands, don’t do anything (This is where the beefed up Earth Shield is beneficial).  Once the tank has gotten agro, drop your totems (Mana Spring, Wrath of Air and Tremor Totem). 

At this point the tank is taking his beating.  This is where you will need to start healing proactively.  Start casting your big heals, if it is not needed, stop the casting and start casting again right away.

Nightbane will randomly cast charred earth.  This is a ground based AoE that causes some rather heafty damage.  Once charred earth has been cast, call it out and everyone will need to move out of it ASAP.  If needed cast chain heal on a couple of people to heal any damage that has been done to the raid.  I have found to see charred earth you need to have spell effects turned up all the way.  I don’t know if this is the same for everyone, but I did not see this AoE till I did move the effects to 100%.

At 75% Nightbane will take off and start the first of three air phase.

Air Phase (75%, 50% and 25%):

When Nightbane takes to the sky, everyone collapses in on the tank to avoid Nightbane’s fire barrage. At this point, 5 skeletons will spawn and the raid will need to kill them quickly.  Nightbane will also cast smoking blast that which lands on the person wit the most threat, which will almost always will be a healer.

During this phase I will do two things.  First, I will drop Fire Nova and Magma totem to aid in the AoE damage. I will also then spam chain heal targeting either myself of another healer to keep everyone topped off during this phase.  Once smoking blast and rain of bones ends, Nightbane will get ready to land, starting  the next ground phase.


This is the phase between the air and ground phase and is where most raids will wipe since there is an agro wipe.  The only thing you will do here is cast Earth Shield on the tank and pull your totems.  Don’t do anything until the tank has re-established agro.  After agro has been established, repeat what you had done for the previous ground phase.

So that is it, there are four ground phases and three air phases.  Here are a couple of things you will need to remember about this battle:

  • This is going to be a long fight. 
  • This is the healing test for your raid group. 
  • Make sure to keep an eye on your mana and try to manage it as best as possible.

For those who do enjoy the short guides, here is the condensed version.

Ground Phase: 

  • Earth Shield tank after dropping wrath of air and popping your +healing trinkets.
  • Drop your totems, especially tremor totem.
  • Keep an eye out for charred earth and call it out when it appears.

Pull totems until the tank has Nightbane under control.

Air Phase:

  • Collapse in on the tank.
  • Drop Fire Nova and Magma totems.
  • On the last ground phase, I drop the fire elemental.
  • Spam Chain Heal targeting the healers.

 Transition Phase:

  • Earth Shield tank
  • Pull all your totems until the tank has Nightbane under control.


  • Pop a mana pot at 70%, the timer for mana pots will recycle atleast two or three times during this fight.
  • Mana Tide when your group is sitting at 60%, the timer will recycle and you will be able to drop it again at some point.
  • Pay attention and try to remain call.

Resto Shaman Loot:

I sure hope this guide helps you out.  This was a fight that took the guild a number of weeks to be able to do.  It will take practice and remember, each wipe is a learning exerience.  Take what you have learned and try to make the next fight that much better.