During the course of my time in WoW, there have been a number of things that I said I would never do.  My refusal was based on lack of self-confidence, lack of interest or just pure laziness.  Well over the past year a couple of these “never going to happen” events have taken place and my WoW experience has become much better for it.

1)     I will never roll horde! – I am a gnome; I’ve been a gnome forever going back to EQ.  Unless horde gets an evil gnome I am not going to roll that way. GNOMERCY 4-Ever!

2)     I will never heal! – I am a rogue; my life has been pure DPS and I will poke mobs till the day I die.

3)     I’m never going to raid! – I can’t raid, I don’t have time.  Between my wife, children and my job I will never have time to do anything more a PUG 5-man.

 Well, here is what has happened.

1)     I rolled horde. After getting burned out on gnomes, I thought it might be time to try a horde toon to try to keep some interest in the game.  Funny that I rolled a tauren, the exact opposite of the gnome.

2)     I rolled a shaman to be either enhancement or elemental.  As I leveled enhancement, the feel of the build felt way to much like my old rogue.  Being elemental would have been cool, but it seemed that healer was going to be my ticket into bigger things.  I speced resto, got some runs under my belt and found that I could actual heal.  Not only was I surprised I could heal, but I was proud that I could heal.

3)     I got into a guild full of great people that raid late night.  This allows me to hang out with the family and jump onto WoW when everyone goes to sleep.  I am now finally able to see some more content and actually feel an intricate part of the raid.

So why am I telling you all this? If there is something that you don’t think you can do or you think you can’t do…try it.  Doing something different will not kill you and if you can always go back to what you were doing before.  If it wasn’t for me getting out of my comfort zone I would never have known this game could be so much fun and I probably would have stopped playing months ago.