Coldness fills the air, light fades and darkness seeps from the shadows as another day gives way to night.  An eerie fog rolls down from the surrounding hills as the moans of the undead again begin to fill the night air.

Alone, under a long dead tree sits a large form or fur and metal.  Pulling a small pouch from his belt, he empties its contents onto the damp earth and begins to utter an incantation in some foreign tongue.  Without warning a large flash of light emanates from the strangers as he reaches to the heavens.  From the shadow of the tree the form of a tauren shaman is now easily seen.  As soon as it had appeared the light subsides and again gives way to the darkness. 

The Tauren gathers the small pile of pebbles and fetishes and places them back into their pouch.  He gathers his shield and weapon and moves off to a group off in the distances.  He is welcomed with nods and grunts of approval. 

“I am now ready to embark, let us begin” the shaman mutters.

“Lets move!” an armor clad warrior orders “To the door!”

 The group moves to a large doorway block by a portcullis.  The warrior gestures to the tauren to open the door.  The tauren looks back and shakes his head at the warrior.

“What is it now shaman!” responds the warrior, visibly angered.

“Cant, no key” the tauren responds with a grin.

The group behind the two begins to chuckle but end quickly with a glare from the warrior. 

“Fine, move over cow, I will take care of this”

 With a clang, the lock is opened and the door rises.  The warrior gestures to the group with a wave.

“In! All of you…now!”

 The group quickly moves in and the gate behind them closes with a crash.  There is no turning back now.  What has begun now must be finished by either victory or death.


So begins their adventure…