“You face not Malchezaar alone, but the legions I command!” – Prince Malchezaar


This is part nine of my short Resto-Shaman guides to Karazhan. Today we focus on Prince Malchezaar. 

Prince falls into a sub category of Karazhan raid bosses for me.  Along with Nightbane and Netherspite, Prince are those special bosses.  These are the guys that are the real test of you and your raid.  These are the encounters that when you wipe it is maddening, but when succed there is nothing like it.  With that in mind, this guide and the next two will be a little more indepth allowing for more detail of each encounter and your roll as a resto-shaman during the fight.

Set Up:

When you get to the top you will see Prince prancing around the open courtyard.  At this point, make sure everyone is buffed and inside the door.  Once Prince has aggro, the door will shut, locking you out of the encounter.

Now, when Prince is at the far end, the tank will go to his tanking location.  If you are in the tank group, run out with him and drop the Grace of Air totem for him.  The added agility will aid in the tanks damage avoidance.  Keep this totem up at all times during the fight,  This will mean having to run into melee range to refresh the totem.

Next, have one person marked with a raid icon…I prefer the nipple; this person is the “30 yard line”.  This person marks the safe zone between you and Princes and his Shadow Nova.  This person should also act as the Infernal Spotter.  When an infernal is about to land the should call out if it is ok, or if the raid will need to move. If movement is necessary, this person will call it out and you must follow them to the next safest location.

Starting locations can very, but normaly we start near the door and move from there when needed.

Phase One:

This is the start of the battle and the fight is pretty much a “tank and spank” at this point.  Normally you will have to move once during this point due to infernals landing on your head.


  • Drops totems specific for your group.
  • Earth Shield the Tank and keep it up at all times.  This will help heal if you are on the move.
  • Ignore enfeeble, you can still cast heals without issue and if you are at or past the 30 yard line you are safe. 
  • Don’t heal those with enfeeble…it doesn’t do anything and when enfeeble is over their HP will go back to what it was prior to the enfeeble.
  • Keep the tank’s health up at all times, Prince can hit hard and if you and the raid are behind on heals, the tank can go down quick.
  • Move from infernals if needed.

Phase Two:

At 60% Prince will enter phase two.  He will summon axes that will substantialy increase his damage.  Infernals, shadow word pain and enfeeble continue as they did in phase one.

  • Keep casting Earth Shield on the tank.
  • If threat is an issue with casters in your group, drop the Tranquil Air Totem.  It wont reduce the threat a ton, but every little bit helps
  • Drop Mana Tide if mana is an issue, also pop a mana pot.  The timers for both should be up before the end of the fight allowing you to drop and pop again to get to the end of the fight with some mana.
  • Keep heals up on the tank…this is the phase where the tank will take the most damage and is the time that you are most in danger of loosing him.

Phase Three:

At 30%, Prince’s damage goes back to phase one levels, but now infernals will be dropping at a faster rate and Prince’s axes will start warping to players causing damage to those who are not in melee range.


  • Continue to Earth Shield the tank.
  • Have anyone with axes call it out so they can be healed as soon as possible.
  • At 15% pop Blood Lust for that last bit of the fight.
  • Pop another mana pot or drop mana tide to get enough mana to finish the fight.

It sounds relatively easy, but it isn’t.  Prince himself is not difficult and can be managed affectively, it is the infernals that are the issue.  The randomness of these infernals can turn a near perfect kill into a wipe.  If you keep wiping due to infernals do not get down on yourself or the raid group.  It isn’t your fault and there is nothing you can do to prepare or counteract it.  I myself have been in a number of raids where each infernal would land on our location.  Our guild has even been told a number of times that we have the worst luck on infernals that people have ever seen.  Just make sure to communicate and move.

Another point where you might have issues is when you are moving locations and healing on the tank is interupted.  If you think there any chance that the tank might die during the move, pop Nature’s Swiftness and get a heal off mid run to top the tank off.

Resto-Shaman Loot: 

Hopeuflly this guide has helped you take down prince.  Again, this isn’t a full encounter guide and for more detail of the fight as a whole, please visit Bosskillers.com, your one stop shop foryou’re your boss killing needs.  The next two guides will focus on the dragons of Karazhan Netherspite and my personal nemisis, Nightbane.