Last night my guild, The Pen is Mightier, all logged on at our normal time to start our weekly run of Karazhan.  It took a little longer to get started than normal since we actually had 15 people on that wanted to raid and we needed to figure out raid groups with more than just those who showed up, but that is besides the point.

Things progressed well.  The fights weren’t that pretty but they were fast.  After we had finished the Opera event it was only 10:45 pm and everyone still seemed fresh.  We then tempted fate by going right for Nightbane.  OMGWTFBBQ! We one shotted him!? Nothing could stop us now.  Before we knew it, Prince stood there in our cross-hairs.  It ended as fast as it started.  Perfect infernals, major DPS and fast heals and he was down.  

We might not have killed Illidan, but still, I could not be any prouder of our raid group and our subs.  Great job guys…now what are we suposed to do for the rest of the week.   

Note: Ok we didn’t completely clear it, there is still Illhoof and Netherspite but who is counting…