Vent has given guilds a leg up during raids. The ability to communicate without having to type everything out allows for faster response time and faster raid runs. One of the side affects of using vent though is the hilarity of random things that people say during the length of the raid. I have compiled a small list of the more memorable vent moments from our late night raids.


  • “Stop sucking so much!” During our 100th wipe on Nightbane.
  • “Sorry, my fault, forgot to heal, (name) was talking dirty to me.” – Another Nightbane wipe.
  • “He talks all quiet like because he is masturbating.” – On why our main tank starts whispering after 11pm.”
  • “He tanks a lot better when high.” – After our main tank took a couple of sleeping pills.
  • “Damn…why is my ancestral recall button so close to rez…I’m gonna need a summon.” – Me…my first kara run.
  • “I wonder if I can chain lighting the whole audience.” – During a conversation on how to get to the back door faster.